We just had the Best Christmas EVER!!
 Our 2 boys, who are diagnosed with autism, have taken off in strides since starting  the Standard Process supplements suggested by Dr. Maria. After 2 years of adjustments and a whole foods gluten and dairy free diet our boys have won their health back. But when the Standard Process supplements were added to their daily regime in August, the results were almost immediate.  My non verbal 7 year old is now speaking and reading words, his attention to task at school has increased from 5-10 minutes to 20-30 minutes, and has developed a sparkling and funny personality all his own.  My 5 yr old is putting 2 words together, loves the attention of his peers, plays with toys,  and most of all - - has a mild and pleasant temperment. We are tantrum free!!! Both are just sooo happy! The smiles and laughs are endless....
 And now after wishing all these years, our boys enjoyed Christmas as we always had hoped.  They took part in family traditions and were ready to bust with excitement over gifts from Santa.  They even sat with us at dinner!! No words can express the joy we experienced this holiday season. The break from routine during Christmas vacation is not usually a pleasant one.  This year it is pure enjoyment for all of us - the entire family! We have not stopped celebrating....THANK YOU DR. MARIA! 

My adjustments at Whole Life immediately loosen my body and relieve all sore spots. I know they make me stronger and EVERYTHING works better! I even sleep better. I think clearer and sharper. I also feel I have become more conscious that I am also more spiritually connected from the process of being adjusted over time. Thank you.
~ J.R., Edison, NJ

I have been coming to Dr. Maria Aumick for a little over 2 years now and I cannot tell you how much better I feel since starting treatment. My stress level is much lower and my body does not bother me as much as it used to. Dr. Maria and the whole staff are extremely kind and caring, and I truly enjoy and look forward to my appointments.
~ Scott K., Coplay, PA

My life just changed! I am more aware. I have clearer thinking and I sleep more when I am supposed to sleep. I don’t have to take naps to make it through the day anymore. I have a greater awareness of my body and what it needs now and how I can help myself. (Oh yea, my headaches, low back pain and severe neck pain went away too.)
~ G.B., Hazleton, PA

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