Taken from Websters dictionary nutrition is defined as anything that nourishes, and to nourish is to feed or sustain with substances necessary to life and growth. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and vibrant, some of these we receive from fruits and vegetables. When our daily diet doesn’t include these important nutrients we must access them from other sources. One of the sources is by using whole food supplements. Whole foods are grown and harvested from their natural environment without refinement. A tomato is an example of a whole food. It is plucked from the vine where it grew containing vitamins and minerals that naturally occur and provide us with nutrients we need for our bodies to function normally. We intake only so much of the necessary nutrients daily since our soils have been depleted without being replenished with the much needed minerals. We also recognize our society has veered away from home cooked balanced meals , and supplements may be an important addition to our daily diet. This is why we offer whole food, herbal and homeopathic supplements and remedies.

Whole Food Supplements
We offer whole food supplements form Standard Process. Standard Process has offered whole food products since 1929. Many of these products are grown and processed on their very own organic farm, using nutrient concentrating manufacturing processes.

Herbal Products
Herbal products can be a great part of a balanced nutritional diet. We offer MediHerb products. MediHerb is a Queensland, Australia based company offering a large range of herbal products including liquid extracts and also tablets.

We offer homeopathic remedies based on the specific nutritional needs of the client.

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