Hypnotherapy is a wonderful modality to incorporate into your overall wellness. Hypnosis will assist you in achieving the things you desire in life. Your hypnotherapist will act as if your own personal guide travels with you on your way to the accomplishment of your goal or goals.

Goal achievement, performance enhancement, weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise motivation, stress management, and overcoming phobias are some of the many reasons why a person seeks hypnotherapy. And, as long as the desires are sincere, hypnotherapy is very effective. The sessions are performed in a warm relaxing environment, allowing the client control of each session being tailored to them. As individuals we have our own way of viewing the world. Imagine seeing the world with a new pair of eyes, what a positive and enlightening experience this is.

Creativity, memory and the child within are housed in the subconscious, hypnosis allows us to access and speak directly to those parts of us. Speaking directly to the subconscious provides a wonderful opportunity for helping to change unwanted habits or inhibiting thoughts.

A hypnotherapist can aid a person by finding the cause of an issue and help develop suggestions to change their thoughts about this issue. The experiencing of hypnosis feels like daydreaming, having a focused attention, sometimes even having heightened awareness. This experience allows you to look beyond what you currently see and focus on what you can imagine.

“If you care enough for a result you will most certainly attain it.”- William James

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